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Welcome to the Great War Aerodrome

Great War Aerodrome is intended to be a destination in time. A place where Pilots, Replica builders, Historians, Artists, Modellers, and WWI Re-Enactors can come together, share information, and embark on a personal journey through time.

The primary purpose of Great War Aerodrome is to enable people to experience flight from the perspective of a WWI aviator.

Our customers are pilots and non-pilots alike.

There is a role and place for everyone.

Great War Aerodrome will plan and execute events that recreate a WWI aerodrome.

Our customers are participants, not spectators.

All aspects of WWI interest and study will be welcome at Great War Aerodrome

Pilots, Airplane Builders, Historians, Modelers, Artists, Gamers, Re-enactors and Living History enthusiasts, and othersā€¦ all have a place here. And all have significant roles.

The ultimate goal of Great War Aerodrome is to become a central part of the WWI 100th Anniversary Memorials and Events that will occur across the United States and Europe.

Photo Credit: Wolffs Requiem By: Russell Smith []Used with permission

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